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Alec Grimsley

Alec Grimsley has been challenging and developing the mindsets of  C-suite executives for over 17 years. Having been a top speaker for Speakers International, he has been asked to share his expertise in mindset, culture change and collaborative teams across the globe. At The Oxford University British Retail Summer leadership school, he was the highest-rated speaker for 5 years in a row. Alec has also won the coveted Chief Executives new speaker of the year award.

Due to his experience in the boardroom, he can share real-world experience around how the right mindset can make a crucial difference in how leaders navigate transformation and build inclusive collaborative cultures. Due to his extensive experience in facilitating and public speaking your audience will experience someone who can inspire but also work the room, handling questions and making links to your most important conference themes and outcomes.

Alec is also the author of Vital Conversations a best-selling book in the Amazon leadership charts and he has written for many of the UK’s leading newspapers. Alec’s specialist topics are:

  • Making Hybrid Working Work
  • Leadership & Workforce Mindset
  • Creating a ‘Self-Accountability’ culture
  • From Conflict to Collaboration
  • Having the Vital Conversation
  • Future-Proof Your Organization
  • The Secret to Collaborative, Engaged, High-Performing Teams
  • Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Influence: What Others Really Responding To
  • Strategic Alignment With An Outward Mindset
  • What Your Performance Reviews Aren’t Telling You

Gillian Campbell

Gillian Campbell brings over 30 years of business experience to her work as an executive and leadership facilitator with both individuals and teams. She works with directors and senior managers examining how self-deception can affect their ability to lead with an Outward Mindset. This would include facilitating through challenging decisions, conversations or relationships. Trained to the Masters level in leadership facilitation within the Arbinger Institute and the International Coaching Federation ICF. Gillian is unique in her field, specialising in self-deception within transformation. This translates into a clearer perspective, substantial individual and collective accountability leading to sustainable change and increased effectiveness in leadership, teamwork and productivity.

Prior to becoming a consultant and coach, Gillian developed through The Public Sector in specialised defence based organisations switching to the Corporate sector where she built an established leadership career culminating with roles as the National Head of Learning and Development for Akzo Nobel’s pharmaceutical division and Head of a Senior Sales Management Division for Astra Zeneca.

She is a qualified and chartered member of the CIPD and is certified and qualified through the International Coaching Federation. She is qualified to consult within; The Leaderships Circle, the UK Vital Conversations Programme and is the UK’s Train the Trainer lead for the Arbinger Institute Outward Mindset methodology and materials. She is an associate member of The Association of British Psychologists and a trained community mediator. Gill is a published author and has articles published across the media.


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